Since 2009, Krav Maga Spokane has been providing the Inland Northwest with the best Krav Maga instruction available.

Brayson Buckner

Brayson Buckner. Owner / Lead Instructor. Brayson Buckner started his Krav Maga training several years ago in Boise, ID. Over the years Brayson has trained with some of the best Krav Maga Worldwide instructors in the nation. In turn Brayson advanced quickly through the Krav Maga Worldwide system to become fully certified and one of the highest ranked instructors in Washington and Idaho.

When Brayson moved back to Spokane, WA he saw an opportunity to live out his dream and open his own Krav Maga training facility. In July of 2009, Brayson became the first instructor to bring Krav Maga to Spokane. As the only full time instructor in Spokane, Brayson has made it his mission to bring true Krav Maga techniques to the Inland Northwest. For Brayson, Krav Maga is not simply a hobby, it’s his life.

- Certified Krav Maga Instructor 
- BRS Fight Club certified instructor (level 1 and 2)

George  Landolt

George Landolt. Instructor. George Landolt was introduced to Krav Maga shortly after moving to Spokane in order to attend college. He immediately became a big fan of the system and, after a little over a year training with Brayson at KMS, he was certified to teach level one of Bas Rutten Fight Club. In 2012, George received his Level 1 certification from Krav Maga Worldwide.

 - Certified Krav Maga Instructor 
- BRS Fight Club certified instructor (2011)
- Anvil KettleBell Club Certified (2013)

Tyler Watson

Tyler. Krav Maga Instructor (Apprentice). Tyler is a farming
native of eastern Washington. He is an engineering graduate
of Montana State University. He loves the physical challenges of Krav Maga and finds it to be a perfect balance of fitness and
​ - Certified Krav Maga Instructor

Ginger Burk

Ginger Burk. Instructor. Ginger started her career with the Washington State Department of Corrections as an officer in 1994 at Airway Heights Correction Center. In 2005, she was promoted to Classification and began working with defenders to ensure they complete appropriate programming, re-entry plans, and addressing institutional behavior and future conduct. She works in a medium custody unit with many offenders who are sentenced to life without parole due to their violent criminal histories.

In 2001, Ginger began volunteering her time and talents to the Spokane Sheriff's Department as a Rescue Diver for the Search and Rescue Teams. For 7 years she trained as a rescue diver, Swift Water Rescue Technician, and Ice Rescue Technician.
Ginger works with many agencies to ensure our community's safety. She focuses on going home safe and staying safe, which drives her to bring her knowledge and skills to our schools.

  - Certified Krav Maga Instructor 
- BRS Fight Club certified instructor (2011)

Dustin Scott

Dustin Scott is a Park Ranger for the City of Spokane. Through his training with the Parks Department and his experiences interning with the U.S. Marshals he was exposed to some
self-defense techniques but wanted to take things to the next level. From Spartan races to working out and swimming, Dustin
has always loved physical activity and once he took his first lesson from Brayson he instantly became hooked.
Dustin graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a degree in Criminal Justice as well as a general AA and 3 Communications certificates. Dustin is also a scuba Rescue Diver and is in the process of becoming a Dive Master. Going home safely for Dustin and everyone around him is and always has been his main priority.

Josh Wallace

Josh Wallace. Krav Maga Instructor. Josh graduated from Gonzaga University in 2012 with a degree in Broadcasting and Digital Media, and shortly after began working for a travel company based in Spokane: a job that let him travel the world and see amazing things. Those experiences have shaped his passions in life, including Krav Maga.

​ - Certified Krav Maga Instructor

Zach Skaw

Zach Skaw. Instructor. A former college athlete (University of Puget Sound) and lifelong gym rat, Zach was introduced to Krav Maga in 2009 at Brayson's first seminar and was hooked from day one. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Zach continued to improve his techniques and training until Brayson asked him if he would like to be an instructor. He hasn't looked back.
 - Certified Krav Maga Instructor 
- BRS Fight Club certified instructor (2011)
- Anvil KettleBell Club Certified (2013)

Jutta Henrici

Jutta Henrici. Yoga Instructor. Jutta’s goal is to make Yoga for the members and friends of Krav Maga the right fit. Being a student and member of the ISKF, she knows how crucial it is to build strength, stability, flexibility and clarity of the mind to be efficient in Self-Defense. She strives to teach each student how to individualize the practice of yoga making it a practical, applicable and fun experience.​
Students stepping onto their mat will enhance their lives off their mat!

​ - Practitioner of the Middendorf Breath Experience (1996) 
- Licensed Massage Practitioner (2006)
- Certified Flexi-Bar Trainer (2011)
- Licensed Yoga Instructor - RYT 200 (2013)
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