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  Krav Maga Spokane has been the Inland Northwests's leader in reality based self-defense training since 2009.
  At Krav Maga Spokane, we believe the key to self-defense is a well-rounded approach. You can't run until you learn to walk and you can't fight until you know how to throw a punch or land a kick. And you can't do either if you're out of shape. That's why we offer classes that focus on self-defense, fighting, and fitness.

Krav Maga

What it is - a no bs form of self-defense popularized by the Israeli military that uses instinctual movements and reactions to deliver brutally efficient attacks and counterattacks designed to incapacitate your opponent as quickly and efficiently as possible.
What it isn't - a rigid martial art structured around kata's, uniforms, hierarchy, and ancient mystical techniques that serve little purpose today.

Make no mistake. What you learn at Krav Maga Spokane is practical, efficient, and designed for one thing and one thing only: To make sure you and your loved ones get home safe.

Intro To Fight

Both of these classes are a 12 week structured program to bring your training to the next level.
Some students find it hard to effectively use striking combinations and angles after they complete the self defense in Krav Maga. These classes will help with that as well as help increase the students' striking, accuracy, strength, fluidity and most importantly how to get off the "X".

Intro To Ground

This 12 week program will introduce you to the place where you never want to be in a street fight. THE GROUND!
The key in a street fight when brought to the ground is to defend yourself and get back to your feet as soon as possible. Learn how to strike effectively from the ground, avoid and defend common submissions and get back to your feet.

Cardio Bag and F.I.T. Classes

Being able to throw a punch, land a kick, or defend yourself is only half the battle. If you're too out of shape to sustain your attack, then what's the point? That's why we offer options designed to bring your fitness to the next level.

Cardio Bag: ​Cardio Bag classes are centered around sustained punches, kicks, and knees intermixed with body weight exercises, kettlebell work, running, sprints, odd object carriers and other functional fitness exercises. They may be short but trust us, they are brutal.

F.I.T. Classes: Designed by our resident fitness trainer, F.I.T. (Functionally Intense Training) classes are designed to push your strength and endurance threshold. You'll be doing things you never thought you could do and a few things you'll never want to do again.
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